Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I can clearly now the lines have gone

I got bored during my lunch break so decided that I would attempt to draw a clearer plan for my table framework:

Did you see saw?

I've seen a saw and it's not too badly priced either. I think one of these will be best as a hacksaw will be too flimsy and I don't need a massive saw either:

You know you're a man when you're pricing up timber

Hopefully you can make out my crazy scrawl and can see what I am aiming for. Essentially it will be four 2'x4' boards joined together that fold up against each other. My aim is to create a framework for 2' square boards to sit within. I'll tackle the issue of legs later but right now I want to concentrate on the framework for the tabletop.

Having just been in Wickes I am disappointed to discover that they, along with B & Q, no longer offer an in-store timber cutting facility. This means not only will I have to purchase a saw, but I will have to resurrect carpentry skills not used since year 8 technology classes.

Having found the timber section of Wickes I gleefully discovered that the wood I desired was much cheaper than I expected. Two ten packs of these Will more than suffice:

Monday, 6 February 2012

Plans for the table

My intentions to create a framework for a modular gaming table have been reinforced now that I have seen the prices of timber.

Wickes have a "red pencil" price promise on at the moment so my way of thinking was that if I go there first it should already be amongst the cheapest places for all the timber and tools I require.

I'm going to try uploading a scribble of my intentions. Here goes:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

First project: The table!

Every wargamer needs a decent table upon which to wage warfare. Therefore the first project that I will be documenting here will be the construction of my new gaming table. The aim is to create a table that:

  • contains an 8'x4' gaming surface (for several reasons I shall explain later)
  • is able to be folded away
  • features a "lip" to help prevent dice rolling off the edges
  • costs as little money as possible (I'm setting myself a target of £50 to start with and will keep a running total of spends)
  • will not take me an age to build

Taking the plunge

Take one wargamer. Add a fiance, full time employment and other "adult" responsibilities. Take away lots of money. Add lots of miniatures. Restrict gaming time. Decrease the desire to paint. Increase the desire to play with fully painted forces. Insert more projects and and games at regular intervals. Bake at a moderate heat once a week.

End result? A bloke with not enough time to finish what he's started, not enough money to start anything new, and several friends willing him to get organised. Welcome to 'Delayed Reserves', my attempt to finish wargaming projects simply so I can show them off and others can comment on them!  :-)