Tuesday, 7 February 2012

You know you're a man when you're pricing up timber

Hopefully you can make out my crazy scrawl and can see what I am aiming for. Essentially it will be four 2'x4' boards joined together that fold up against each other. My aim is to create a framework for 2' square boards to sit within. I'll tackle the issue of legs later but right now I want to concentrate on the framework for the tabletop.

Having just been in Wickes I am disappointed to discover that they, along with B & Q, no longer offer an in-store timber cutting facility. This means not only will I have to purchase a saw, but I will have to resurrect carpentry skills not used since year 8 technology classes.

Having found the timber section of Wickes I gleefully discovered that the wood I desired was much cheaper than I expected. Two ten packs of these Will more than suffice:

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